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Tony Diamond: FINDING MY SISTERS……..

After finding out my sisters were put up for adoption, I never dreamt that I would see them. But as the years passed I decided that I would try and track them down, along with my brother. In 1986 I decided to place my details on my siblings social services records. I left them a letter and the wait began. It was to be 10 long years before social services got in contact to say one of my sisters Janet wanted to meet. The reunion went well, however my other sister wasn’t keen on meeting and although it was understandable, it was still a blow. However, shortly after this, Linda was admitted to hospital for a minor operation. One day after she was recouperating, one of the nurses who had come in to change her bandages, suddenly turned around and announced that she was Valerie, my other sister. We couldn’t believe it. She had seen Linda’s details and had taken the brave step of introducing herself and again another reunion went well.

We are still trying to trace James, our other brother, but so far, no luck. If he is reading this or anyone he know is reading this – pass our information on.

James Alan Bates – 2nd September 1953.


The Kids

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Thank you very much for sending me a copy of Pebble on The Beach. My Goodness, you have been through the mill! Well done for all of it and for managing to turn it into a very inspirational read.

– Fiona Phillips X